The Key to Successful Talent Management


For 6 to 16 participants at your place of business

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Is extracting relevant information from a candidate you are interviewing like pulling teeth? Might you be overlooking internal employees to fill job vacancies because your employees do not know how to present the relevant knowledge, skills, and experiences they bring to a potential job role?

This workshop will help your employees get interview ready. It teaches internal employees how to effectively assess and present the value they bring to a potential job opportunity and how to put their best foot forward throughout the interview process. It offers participants time to practice and polish their interview skills.

Offering this workshop will help you develop your internal talent, fill job vacancies faster, and save the time, money, and effort instead of conducting an external recruitment campaign.


  • Employees who want to increase their chances of succeeding in a formal interview


  • The different types of interviews
  • How to make a positive first impression
  • How to anticipate and prepare for interview questions
  • How to answer different types of interview questions
  • A tool for answering behavioural questions
  • What to do after closing the interview



  • Today’s world of work
  • Show stopping interview blunders
  • Purpose and types of Interviews

Strategies for Interview Success

  • Understanding why first impressions count
  • Knowing what to do before you even get there
  • Anticipating questions and knowing how to answer them
  • Planning the logistics – get organized!

Answering Interview Questions

  • Being aware of interview questions that are illegal
  • Anticipating the standard Interview questions
  • Preparing for behavioural interview questions
  • Telling your story

Wrap-up and Follow-Up

  • Closing on a strong note
  • Reflecting and assessing
  • Sending thank-you notes

Summary and Evaluations

This is an interactive, hands-on workshop where participants can prepare for a real-life job interview by learning specific techniques and by discussing and practicing skills.

Participants are encouraged to bring a job description they may be interested interviewing for.

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