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Building Leadership

By JJ Ramberg Some people are born with great leadership skills while others must learn it. But one thing is for sure, great leadership is essential to running a successful business. In this week’s Business War Chest, Les McKeown, President & CEO of Predictable Success and author of the book, “Do Lead: Share Your Vision, […]

How a Culture of Quality Can Save You Millions

By Alexandra Levit According to a study covered in a recent Harvard Business Review article, companies with highly developed quality cultures spend, on average, $350 million less annually fixing mistakes than companies with poorly developed ones. The research, which was commissioned by CEB—an advisory firm of more than 60 multinational companies—revealed that employees who ranked […]

31 Ways Your Meetings Are Inefficient

Meetings are one of the biggest time wasters in most companies. Yet, much of this pain is self-inflicted. Poorly run meetings lead to wasted time, de-moralized employees, and loss of productivity. Are meetings in your company run efficiently? Meetings Are Not Easy It would seem that holding a meeting is easy. Pick a time/location, choose […]

Saying Yes Requires Saying No First

Have you ever wanted to say yes to a request, but couldn’t because of your current obligations? You wanted to say yes. But, you were already overbooked. Frustratingly, when you examine the items you are bogged down with, they are less important that the one you want to say yes to. To prevent this situation, […]

To Get More Done, You Need to Do Less

You try to do it all. Often, that leads to many things started and nothing done. Or you don’t get to your most important work, because you are busy doing everything else. If you want to get more done, you need to do less in your day. Trying to Do It All Doesn’t Work You […]