Bloggers Sound Off: Politicians vs. Technocrats

By Voices Team

In this Voices on Project Management roundtable, bloggers discuss the following quote from a recent article in The Economist on the need for the professionalization of project management in government and what can go wrong when there isn’t a strong project management presence to connect strategy and implementation: “But in too many countries technocrats tend to be under the thumb of politicians and not up to the job.”
Lynda Bourne, DPM, PMP
Country: Australia
There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the statement. The role of politicians should be to govern for the long-term good of the country, provide leadership and sensibly reflect …read more

It’s Your Shield — Use It!

By Voices Team

Voices on Project Management guest blogger Frank Gorman is a senior transformation program manager for Altisource in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, USA. He is currently a member of PMI’s Ethics Member Advisory Group (EMAG) and was a member and chair of PMI’s Ethics Review Committee (ERC) from 2006 to 2013. Mr. Gorman participated in the Ethics Standards Review team for PMI. He also writes and speaks on Ethics to other professional organizations and businesses.

Read his thoughts on ethics below:
Ethics is a set of rules that guide or govern behavior. As with most professions, PMI has promulgated a Code of Ethics …read more

Translation Series: “The Non-Negotiables of Leadership”

By Voices Team

To reach a global audience of project professionals, Voices on Project Management presents a blog post every month translated into Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.
This month’s post by Dave Wakeman, PMP, discusses three leadership skills that project practitioners should uphold, no matter how difficult a project.
Read it in your language of preference and share your thoughts in the comments box below.
Las Habilidades Imprescindibles del Liderazgo
Princípios Não Negociáveis da Liderança

…read more