How to Boost Your Productivity With Just One Little Word

By kelly This is a guest post by Linda Coussement. Linda helps entrepreneurs lead, grow and improve their remarkable businesses. Download her 10 page interactive Vision Guide and get a flying start to the growth and improvement of YOUR business. Isn’t it hard to say NO? Sure you can take on that extra project. And sure you can […]

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10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Time Management

By Craig Last week at a conference, I was approached by a TMN reader who asked me, “Can you give me a quick tip to improve my time management?” I felt like a comedian put on the spot with the cliché, “Say something funny…” So, for those who want some “quick tips,” today I have a list of […]

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Productivity Kickstarter: The Week Dominator Planner [Link]

By Craig

Link Post Productivity Kickstarter: The Week Dominator Planner

Looking for a great paper-based planner?

Check out this Kickstarter project by my friend, Jesse Phillips. (He is the same guy behind the NeuYear calendars!)

His latest project is called the Week Dominator and it is a paper-based weekly planner. I love the structured view that also …read more

The 4 Key Components of Every Time Management System

By Craig Once upon a time, time management systems used to come in a box. I remember when I got my first Franklin Dayplanner. It was packaged in a neat little box with everything I needed from a binder, to note paper, a calendar, and a todo list. Today, time management systems aren’t packaged as simply. In […]

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7 Tips to Start Your Success Streak Today

By Craig You keep saying you are going to start that important goal. You keep thinking about it. But, what are you doing about it? Did you do anything today to move closer to your goal? Start Your Streak What you need to accomplish big goals is a streak. It doesn’t matter if your big goal is […]

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How Many Hours Do You Actually Work in a Workday?

By Craig You arrive late to work. (Just a few minutes…) You then get your coffee. And then socialize with others about their weekend. You check the news. And then surf your inbox for 45 minutes. Soon, it’s lunch time. Wait… you just got here. You might need to ask, “How many hours are you actually working […]

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7 Habits That Supercharge Your Productivity in Just 5 Minutes

By kelly This is a guest post by Arijit Banerjea, a Productivity and Time Management coach who helps people gain two extra hours a day. Get his latest free e-book – Productivity Secrets of 7 Billionaires that You can put into Action Right Now! It’s a really long and busy day. Meetings, emails, a looming deadline. You […]

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There Is No Wrong Time

By Craig When is the right time? There may be a better time. But, there is no such thing as a wrong time. There is just time. Waiting for the Right Time Recently, someone told me they were “waiting until the right time” to pursue their dream job. Right time? I was curious. When is the right […]

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It Doesn’t Matter Where You Keep Your Todo List

By Craig You say you are overloaded. You say you have too much to do. Yet, you aren’t even keeping a todo list. So, how do you really know what you need to accomplish? Show me Your List Where do you keep your todo list? It really doesn’t matter, as long as you are keeping one. “If […]

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27 Places and Times You Don’t Need to Check Your Phone

By Craig Do you check your phone all day long? The average person turns on their phone 110 times a day! (Some extreme users do it closer to 1000!) But, you don’t need to check your phone everywhere and anytime. If you do, your phone is ruling your life. Is Your Phone Always There? You take your […]

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