For 4 to 12 participants at your place of business

Working at Heights

This workshop is based on Ministry of Labour’s working-at-heights training for Ontario’s construction industry. The training includes both theory and practical sessions.

The theory section covers rights and responsibilities, hazard identification and elimination, and ladder safety. During the practical session, participants are required to demonstrate how to properly inspect and to wear harnesses and other fall protection equipment. Upon completion, successful participants will be issued a temporary working-at-heights card to be used until their permanent card comes from the Ministry.
8 Hour Workshop
Course Code: HSC701

Confined Space Awareness­

Some of the most critical hazards in today’s work places are found in confined spaces. Confined spaces awareness training is intended for workers who perform work in partially or fully enclosed spaces where an atmospheric hazard may occur.

This course instructs workers on how to identify confined spaces and what steps must be taken to safely work in and around these spaces. If you work in any of the follow situations this training is for you: storage tanks, vats, bins, silos, bag-houses, pumps, wells, pits, caissons, sewers, ducts, chutes, chimneys, ovens, and furnaces
4 Hour Workshop
Course Code: HSC501


Lockout training is essential to anyone who works with electricity or performs maintenance, repairs, and set-ups of equipment. This course instructs workers on how to lockout or de-energize all types of hazards associated with these tasks, including electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and gravity. Topics covered include lockout hazard recognition, elements of a proper lockout programs, and how to properly tag-out a process or piece of equipment.
4 Hour Workshop
Course Code: HSC502

Respiratory Safety and Fit Testing

This course is meant for anyone who is exposed through their work to harmful dusts, mists, fumes, fibres, vapours, and gasses that could cause devastating health issues including death. The course includes a theory section covering what should be included in a proper respirator safety program including respirator selection and use. There is also a practical section covering how to properly fit and clean your respirator, plus an actual qualitative fit test to ensure the respirator fits properly and is working as intended.
4 Hour Workshop
Course Code: HSC503