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Managing the performance of others is more than the annual performance review. Successful performance management results in continuous process improvement, enhanced productivity, workplace cohesiveness, exceptional customer service and a positive community reputation.

The following workshops offer two different learning opportunities in the area of performance management – from the manager’s perspective and from the employee’s.

Management by objective works – only if you know the objectives. – Anonymous

One-Day Course Outlines

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  • Performance Management

    Explore the intricacies of performance management in this course, equipping yourself with strategies to set goals, evaluate progress, and optimize employee performance for organizational success.

  • Employee Engagement

    Discover strategies to enhance employee engagement and foster a positive workplace culture in this course, focusing on effective communication, recognition, and empowerment techniques to maximize productivity and satisfaction.

  • Facilitating Meetings

    Master the art of facilitating meetings with this course, equipping you with practical strategies to lead productive, collaborative discussions and drive effective decision-making within your organization.

  • Managing Millennials

    Discover actionable insights and strategies for successfully managing millennials in the workplace with this course, aimed at optimizing performance, enhancing communication, and fostering a positive work environment.

  • Performance Reviews for Employees

    Empower managers with the skills to conduct effective performance reviews for employees in this course, which provides practical guidance on goal setting, feedback delivery, and performance improvement strategies to foster professional growth and development.

  • Delegating Efficiently and Effectively

    Master the art of delegation with this course, learning efficient and effective methods to assign tasks, empower team members, and maximize productivity while fostering growth and development within your organization.

  • Creating a Positive Work Environment

    Learn to foster a positive work environment that enhances performance and morale in this course, exploring strategies for effective communication, conflict resolution, and employee engagement to cultivate a culture of collaboration and success.

  • Confrontation or Collaboration

    Navigate conflicts effectively with ‘Confrontation or Collaboration,’ a course focusing on strategies to transform confrontational situations into collaborative opportunities, fostering constructive dialogue, and achieving mutually beneficial resolutions.

  • Motivation by Generation

    Explore effective motivation strategies tailored to different generations in the workplace in this course, understanding how to inspire and engage employees of varying age groups to optimize performance and foster a dynamic organizational culture.

  • Managing Priorities and Organizational Management

    Learn effective strategies for managing priorities and organizational tasks in this course, equipping you with skills to prioritize workload, optimize time management, and enhance overall performance within your organization.

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