Grammar – The Changing Rules

Although they may not like it, people are now aware that nothing remains the same. Everything changes. That’s why I find it amazing when some people appear stunned to hear grammar rules and writing styles change. But why shouldn’t they?  Grammar and writing style rules were invented to meet a specific need. When the need […]

Managing Time: Who’s Responsible for Your Work-Life Balance

A very expensive New York hotel is now offering a new service – a work-down call. When you check in, you can arrange for the front desk to phone you at a certain hour to remind you to power down all your electronic devices. Isn’t this like having your mother tell you it’s time to […]

The Key to Productive Meetings: The Cardinals Know It

The cardinals in Rome have much to talk about as they participate in closed-door, pre-conclave meetings. In fact, some of them have so much to discuss that they have had to set up a 5-minute time limit. When the green light flashes, the speaker must halt. It’s the best way to run a productive meeting. […]

Time Management — Getting Back Control of Your Life

Time management is essential. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night wondering how you are going to fit the 10 hours of job duties into the 8 hours for which you are being compensated?  And then knowing that you will get still more work as the day progresses. The 10 hours […]

Proposal Writing: Essential Skill for All Organizations

In the spring of 2010, Immigration Canada put out a call for proposals to agencies across Canada that provide immigration services. It received over 600 applications. These proposals were particularly important this year as the amount of money to be distributed across the country was considerably less.  In other words, the pie was a lot […]

10 Ways to Implement a Successful Companywide Business Writing Training Program

Many companies over the past few years have introduced business writing training programs to improve the quality of the letters, reports and emails of their staff. Some programs have been enormously successful; others have fizzled. The reason: employees will change only if senior management is thoroughly sold on the need for change and announces that […]

12 Ways to Increase the Readability of Your Business Documents

The first step in creating a reader-friendly document is not writing style as many people would expect. It is the layout of the page or screen. If a document appears difficult to read because of the font, print density and lack of organization, you will immediately reduce its readability. Based on research, reading tests and […]

5 Ways to Become a Better Manager

Recent studies show employee engagement is down, and that many employees are looking for new opportunities — or they intend to — as soon as the economy picks up steam. A number of studies have also revealed what these employees are looking for, and what can motivate them to stick around – good management. This […]