Grammar – The Changing Rules

Although they may not like it, people are now aware that nothing remains the same. Everything changes. That’s why I find it amazing when some people appear stunned to hear grammar rules and writing styles change.

But why shouldn’t they?  Grammar and writing style rules were invented to meet a specific need. When the need changes or no longer works, shouldn’t the rule?

For instance, periods did not exist until the 4th century. At that point, St. Jerome decided he needed them to make his translations of the scriptures easier to understand. I am sure he probably got complaints about the strange mark in his writing style.

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21 Dos and Don’ts to Improve Your Email

By Craig Email. Just the word makes many people shiver. Email has become a scourge in many workplaces. Too many emails flooding your inbox, poorly written notes, and senseless Reply-All copies. The good news is that email can be a productive tool if you follow some common sense tactics. Bad Email or Bad Behavior? Email isn’t bad… […]

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The ABC Method of Keeping Your Workspace Clean

By Craig Is your desk clean, right now? Would it be something you would want your boss (or team members) to see? It is easier than you think to keep your area clean and tidy. The simplest way to keep your workspace in order is to practice the ABC method of organization. Creating a Cluttered Workspace A […]

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10 Tiny Time Management Tips

By Craig “I don’t have time for time management.” I hear this excuse often from those who aren’t taking control of their time and life. Instead, they use the “too busy” excuse to put off getting organized and being more productive in their daily activities. If this is you, today I have 10 tiny time management tips […]

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How More of the “Same” Can Make You More Productive

By Craig In your search for productivity, are you constantly changing up your game? Always trying new techniques, tools, and the latest gadgets? This constant state of flux can actually make you less productive. Perhaps, you need more of the “same” to get things done today. Too Much Change We like to talk about change. However, change […]

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Saving Time with Apple Pay

By Craig I am very excited about Apple Pay. (Disclaimer: Yes, I am a big Apple fan.) In my opinion, it is the biggest game-changer that Apple announced recently. It has kind of been overshadowed by the iPhone 6 (and Plus). And the Apple Watch. And iPad Air 2. And more. However, it went live last week, and […]

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7 Tasks to Complete Before You Head Out for Your Weekend

By Craig Are you ready for the weekend? Before you head out the door, take time to wrap up your week. Completing just a few extra tasks will allow you to enjoy your time off and have a sense of peace with how your left things at work. Today, I have 7 tasks to complete before leaving […]

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Do What You Want to Become

By Craig People often tell me what they want to be. Or what they want to do. Often, their big goals represent something they are not doing currently… like a new career. Or something they cannot perform today… such as run a 5K race. The question is, “Are you doing what you want to become?” Do What You Want […]

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Exposing the Multitasking Myth: 4 Better Ways to Manage Your Time

By kelly This is a guest post by Centask productivity blogger Bojan Dordevic. Bojan loves to write about all things time management and technology, and is the senior editor of AlphaEfficiency Magazine. While many people take pride in their “ability” to multitask, dividing your attention between two or more tasks can actually result in diminishing returns on your […]

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5 Things to Do Before the Meeting Begins

By Craig We have all shown up to that meeting. The one with no purpose. The one with no advance notice or details. And the one where no one could even find where the meeting was being held. It ends up being a waste of everyone’s time. To ensure your meeting is a success, you need to […]

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