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Our Project management courses are designed to equip teams and individuals with the skills, tools, and techniques necessary to effectively manage projects across a variety of industries. These courses cover a broad range of topics, including project planning, risk management, budgeting, and scheduling, as well as soft skills like leadership, communication, and team management.

Two-Day Course Outlines

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  • Project Management: Applying the Principles

    This is a “hands-on” course in which you will be able to practice tools that will help you identify a strategy for the delivery of a small to medium-sized project, develop a plan for the project and work with a project team.

  • Project Management: Effective Principles and Strategies for Municipalities

    Picture a recent project in your municipality in which you were involved. Were you clear on the scope? Did you have a detailed plan? Did you have a good handle on the various approvals required? Did you identify and plan for risks up front? Did you finish on time and on budget? If the answer to any of these questions was anything but a definitive “yes,” you need to complete this program.

  • Microsoft Project – Introduction

    Microsoft Project is software designed to help you track, manage, and report on the many tasks and resources necessary to complete virtually any project. Work in every industry – construction, technology, pharmaceutical – is being organized around projects.

  • Managing Challenging Relationships with Managers and Direct Reports

    This unique course empowers participants with actionable strategies to effectively “manage” difficult situations with their managers and effectively handle challenging situations with their employees; fostering positive team dynamics, managing expectations, and maintaining project momentum with confidence and resilience.

  • Agile Fundamentals

    This Agile Essentials course gives managers and teams the knowledge of how Agile teams operate, and provides them with the knowledge and competencies they need, through practice and discussions, to achieve the success that is so widely advertised.

  • Agile and Scrum for Non-Technical Project Managers

    This dynamic course provides participants with a high-level overview of Agile and Scrum. Participants are introduced to the Agile Manifesto along with its supporting principles. This sets the stage for an overview of Scrum.

One-day Course Outlines

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  • Project Management Overview

    Are you a sponsor for an upcoming project? Are you a team member who does not understand project terms and processes and would like to understand more? Are you a resource to a project and you really don’t get what the fuss is about? This overview will provide the knowledge you need to contribute to successful project execution.

  • Project Management for Non-Project Managers

    Project management ensures projects are delivered on time and within budget and scope. It unites stakeholders and teams and gets everyone working on the same page. This one-day workshop provides participants with the basics of effective project management so the right people do the right things at the right time.

  • Become an Effective Project Sponsor

    This fast paced course provides participants with a series of tools, concepts and ideas on how to become more effective sponsors. Participants learn what to ask, what to look for, and what to measure as sponsors; so they can set expectations and provides the right (and sufficient) level of support for their PMs, counterparts and organization as a whole.

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