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“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.” — Lee Iacocca

Ontario Training believes that to be successful in today’s working world – public or private sectors — you have to be able to communicate your ideas clearly. Our trainers have put together a number of workshop offerings that will build your presentation skills whether you are speaking to large groups or just conversing around a boardroom table.

One-Day Course Outlines

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  • Presentation Skills: The Basics

    Are you afraid to speak in public?  Feel nervous when tasked with presenting to more than one person? Do you want to engage your audience?  Delivering and effective presentation must be learned, you weren’t born knowing how to do it. This workshop will teach you how to “hook” the audience, deliver impactful messages, keep the audience listening, and wrap up with a strong ending.

  • Presentation Skills: Tune-Up

    If you already have the basic skills needed for making a presentation but want to give them a final polish – this is the session for you. Participants will learn and practice techniques for planning, opening, executing and concluding their presentations in a way that fully engages their audiences.

  • Presenting Under Pressure

    Regardless of your personality type, pressure happens to everyone.  We all respond differently to situations when we’re put on the spot.  The session provides lots of opportunity for participants to demonstrate new knowledge and skills with instructor coaching and group constructive feedback.

  • Impromptu Presentations

    It can be unnerving to stand in front of people in a meeting and not know how to answer a question directed to you, or how to deal with silence when you ask a question of a team member. This session will assist the learner with questioning and with verbal and non-verbal skills, with presenting good messages, and with feeling confident in the message being presented.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint – Introduction

    Discover the fundamentals of Microsoft PowerPoint in this introductory course, designed to equip participants with essential skills for creating professional presentations, including slide design, formatting, and basic animation features.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint – Advanced

    Advance your project management capabilities with this course, delving into advanced features of Microsoft Project to streamline project planning, tracking, and resource management for increased efficiency and productivity.

Two-Day Course Outlines

  • Presentation Skills: Stand Up And Be Heard

    Master the art of impactful presentations and confidently command attention in this course, focusing on essential techniques for structuring content, engaging audiences, and delivering compelling speeches to effectively convey your message.

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