Courses and Workshops

Listed below are the workshops most requested by Indigenous Peoples / Organizations.

One-Day Course Outlines

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  • Customer Service

    Everyone is a customer, internally and externally. Enhance your customer service skills with this course, designed to equip participants with essential techniques for delivering exceptional customer experiences and fostering client satisfaction.

  • Minute Taking & Listening Skills

    Preparing minutes for formal and informal meetings. This session includes organizational techniques and plenty of supporting exercises. It also has a component on listening skills.

  • Report Writing Tools

    Everything you need to know to write effective reports: proven tools to ensure you provide your reader with the right information, formats to organize information and recommendation reports quickly, and writing techniques for clear, concise sentences.

  • Conflict Resolution

    Conflict triggers different behaviours in each of us, from destructive to productive responses. And while conflict can be very uncomfortable, it is a natural and inevitable part of relationships.

  • Presentation Skills: Tune-Up

    If you already have the basic skills needed for making a presentation but want to give them a final polish. Participants will learn and practice techniques for planning, opening, executing and concluding their presentations in a way that fully engages their audiences.

  • Presentation Skills: The Basics

    This session will assist the learner with questioning and with verbal and non-verbal skills, with presenting good messages, and with feeling confident in the message being presented.

  • Time Management : Make it a Habit

    This workshop teaches you how to identify the habits you need to change to be a good time manager. You will learn how to develop SMART goals, set priorities, analyze your time problems, and plan and schedule your day for maximum effectiveness.

  • Transition into Management

    This workshop will examine the critical aspects of going from fellow employee to supervisor/manager and explore the difficulties that may lay ahead.

  • Powerful Leadership Skills

    Develop impactful leadership skills through this course, focusing on effective communication, decision-making, and team-building strategies to inspire and drive organizational success.

  • Leadership for Today and Tomorrow

    Customize this leadership course to your organization’s needs with various modules on teamwork, team development, coaching, leading change, well-being, etc.

  • Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

    Learn to cultivate emotionally intelligent leadership skills, empowering you to navigate complex dynamics, inspire teams, and foster a positive work environment, through this comprehensive course.

  • Emotional Intelligence for Office Professionals

    This workshop introduces emotional intelligence, builds important emotional intelligence skills, and provides basic strategies to improve the effectiveness of participants both professionally and personally.

  • Change Management

    This course provides practical tools and tips from a senior change management practitioner. Participants will learn a step-by-step methodology for enabling the people impacted by change to successfully transition from the current to the future work situation or environment.

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

    Master the art of giving and receiving feedback with this workshop, which provides practical strategies for delivering constructive feedback, receiving it with openness, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement in communication.

Half-Day Course Outlines

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  • Emails @ Work

    Increase the chances of your emails getting the results you want. Review the best format, effective subject lines, powerful opening lines and tone. (This session does not cover writing style.)

  • Grammar Essentials

    Update your grammar knowledge. Review the six most common errors, the rules for punctuation and subject and verb agreement.

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