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All organizations have customers — both external and internal. How we listen and respond to them is essential in making our organization approachable, profitable, and productive.

Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job — Anonymous

One-day Course Outlines

  • Customer Service

    Everyone is a customer, internally and externally. Enhance your customer service skills with this course, designed to equip participants with essential techniques for delivering exceptional customer experiences and fostering client satisfaction.

  • Writing Skills for Customer Service

    The session explores both the psychology behind customer service writing and a writing style that ensures clear understanding of our message. It will also address the importance of understanding our readers – our customers – and the feelings the organization wants customers to have about it.

  • Customer Service in a Municipal Setting

    All local government employees are part of the customer service process. Yet sometimes a service provider will encounter uninformed, unhappy, and irate customers. This workshop provides techniques for communicating with these people while remaining calm and professional.

  • Handling Public Complaints

    Participants will learn to build on their natural styles, improve their communication skills and enhance the image of your organization. The root cause of complaints will be established so they can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

  • Handling Difficult Conversations With Tact

    It’s important to be able to express our views calmly and with confidence even when a situation or meeting becomes difficult and stressful. This program helps us understand how to discuss potentially upsetting information with others either face to face or in a team setting.

Half-Day Course Outlines

  • Quality Service

    This workshop discusses what customers expect when they deal with us, what tone and words they expect to hear and what their requirements are.

  • Active Listening

    Does anyone complain about your listening skills? Do you want to be able to listen better? This workshop will help you reach your goal.

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