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It’s not enough to be an expert in your field. You have to be able to communicate your expertise to others.

Our trainers are skilled at improving the communications skills of individuals thereby building a stronger work environment. Whether you are interested in listening skills, handling difficult conversations, providing feedback, or communicating ideas effectively one-on-one or in a group setting, we have a workshop that will fit your needs.

And our trainers are always willing to customize their content to your specific needs.

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One-Day Course Outlines

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  • Communicating Effectively

    This workshop covers essential techniques and strategies to enhance communication skills, focusing on clarity, active listening, persuasion, and conflict resolution for effective interpersonal interactions.

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

    Master the art of giving and receiving feedback with this workshop, which provides practical strategies for delivering constructive feedback, receiving it with openness, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement in communication.

  • Assertive Communication

    Being assertive means being able to stand up for your own or other people’s rights in a calm, positive way, without being aggressive or passively accepting “wrong” behaviours. Assertive individuals are able to get their point across without upsetting others or becoming upset themselves.

  • Handling Difficult Conversations With Tact

    Discover effective strategies for navigating tough conversations with finesse and tact in this course, focusing on communication techniques to address sensitive topics, manage emotions, and foster positive outcomes while preserving professional relationships.

  • Powerful Listening

    Enhance your listening skills with practical techniques and insights in this course, emphasizing active listening strategies to improve understanding, empathy, and communication effectiveness.

  • Communicating with Confidence

    Learn how to communicate with confidence through practical exercises and techniques in this course, focusing on building self-assurance, effective verbal and non-verbal communication, and overcoming communication barriers.

  • Storytelling for Sales/Influence

    Unlock the power of storytelling to enhance sales and influence outcomes in this course, where you’ll learn how to craft compelling narratives that engage customers, build rapport, and drive successful business interactions.

Half-Day Course Outlines

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  • Difficult Conversations

    We all run into challenging situations in the workforce that we must learn to work through and to defuse. This practical half-day workshop helps participants to learn about themselves and others so they can communicate more effectively.

  • Communication Essentials

    We all want to be able to communicate better. And this workshop is the starting point. It is the foundation module for our series of half-day workshops on communication skills.

  • Active Listening

    Does anyone complain about your listening skills? Do you want to be able to listen better? This workshop will help you reach your goal.

  • Assertiveness

    This workshop will explore self-limiting concepts and behaviours.  Learning how to respond to the aggressive, passive, and passive-aggressive behaviours of others will increase productivity while boosting employee morale.

  • Constructive Feedback

    Good managers know how to provide feedback in such a way that it makes a positive difference. Staff should also know how to accept that feedback. This session provides the skills to help everyone give and receive constructive feedback.

  • Questioning Techniques

    Effective questions improve the communication process. Poorly formed questions shut down conversations. This session ensures people learn the best techniques for obtaining the information they want.

Two-Day Course Outlines

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  • Dealing With Difficult Conversations

    Gain valuable skills in navigating challenging conversations with confidence and diplomacy in this course, equipping you with effective communication strategies to address sensitive topics, manage emotions, and achieve positive resolutions.

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