Listed below are the workshops most requested by Municipal Government

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One-Day Workshops

Customer Service in a Municipal Setting
All local government employees are part of the customer service process. Yet sometimes a service provider will encounter uninformed, unhappy, and irate customers. This workshop provides techniques for communicating with these people while remaining calm and professional.

Minute Taking and Privacy Legislation – FIPPA & MFIPPA
This workshop explores the minute taking process in light of Ontario privacy legislation and provides information and techniques to build the confidence of minute takers.

Minute Taking & Listening Skills
Preparing minutes for formal and informal meetings. This session includes organizational techniques and plenty of supporting exercises. It also has a component on listening skills.

Handling Public Complaints
Participants will learn to build on their natural styles, improve their communication skills and enhance the image of your organization. The root cause of complaints will be established so they can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Report Writing Tools
Everything you need to know to write effective reports: proven tools to ensure you provide your reader with the right information, formats to organize information and recommendation reports quickly, and writing techniques for clear, concise sentences.

Report Writing for Council
This workshop provides techniques for writing effective reports for council. It includes writing and organizational techniques and focuses on adhering to the municipality’s template.

Report Writing for Toolbox for Municipalities
The main focus is on the thinking process behind writing for councillors. You will receive tools for ensuring you are providing your reader with the right information so they can confidently approve your recommendation.

Presentation Skills: Tune-Up
If you already have the basic skills needed for making a presentation but want to give them a final polish. Participants will learn and practice techniques for planning, opening, executing and concluding their presentations in a way that fully engages their audiences.

Impromptu Presentations
This session will assist the learner with questioning and with verbal and non-verbal skills, with presenting good messages, and with feeling confident in the message being presented.

Writing Policies and Procedures: Making them Work
What every policy and procedure writer needs to know: what the courts expect, format options, success checkers, and writing style.

Project Management Overview
You will receive an overview of what’s involved in managing a project. Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of the benefits of a sound project management process for their organization.

Time Management : Make it a Habit
This workshop analyses the participants three-day time log.

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Transition into Management
This workshop will examine the critical aspects of going from fellow employee to supervisor/manager and explore the difficulties that may lay ahead.

Two-Day Workshops

Project Management: Effective Principles and Strategies for Municipalities

Half-Day Workshops

Writing for Clarity
Learn why an academic writing style does not work in the business world. Explore the seven steps for business writing that will work for all aspects of written communications in today’s workforce.

Emails @ Work
Increase the chances of your emails getting the results you want. Review the best format, effective subject lines, powerful opening lines and tone. (This session does not cover writing style.)

Grammar Essentials
Update your grammar knowledge. Review the six most common errors, the rules for punctuation and subject and verb agreement.