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We have delivered training in the area of business writing for over 30 years. Jane Watson is the content designer for these workshops. She is also the author of Business Writing Basics and The Minute Taker’s Handbook.

One-day Course Outlines

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  • Business Writing at Its Best

    Learn how plain language writing techniques differ from clear and concise writing. Focus is on putting the appropriate tone into emails and creating reader buy in when writing emails.

  • Email Writing Techniques for Success

    Everything you need to know about writing emails: legal aspects, organization, powerful opening lines, effective subject lines, and writing style.

  • Report Writing Tools

    Everything you need to know to write effective reports: proven tools to ensure you provide your reader with the right information, formats to organize information and recommendation reports quickly, and writing techniques for clear, concise sentences.

  • Grammar Review: What You Need to Know

    This session explains the rules that will make your writing stand out in the business world. Historical anecdotes, stories, and exercises support the information and increase the learning process. We’ll review the most common grammar errors, punctuation, and the guidelines for capitalization and writing number.

  • Writing Skills for Customer Service

    The session explores both the psychology behind customer service writing and a writing style that ensures clear understanding of our message. It will also address the importance of understanding our readers – our customers – and the feelings the organization wants customers to have about it.

Half-Day Course Outlines

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  • Business Writing for Clarity

    Learn why an academic writing style does not work in the business world. Explore the seven steps for business writing that will work for all aspects of written communications in today’s workforce.

  • Emails @ Work

    Increase the chances of your emails getting the results you want. Review the best format, effective subject lines, powerful opening lines and tone. (This session does not cover writing style.)

  • Grammar Essentials

    Update your grammar knowledge. Review the six most common errors, the rules for punctuation and subject and verb agreement.

  • Report Writing Fundamentals

    This workshop focuses on the pre-writing and editing stages of report writing. It covers reader focus, organization techniques, and a ten-sentence success checker for editing. It does not include writing techniques.

Two-Day Course Outlines

  • Clear Thinking, Clear Writing

    This workshop provides the basic writing and organizational skills every writer needs to know: business writing style, letters, emails and reports.

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