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Discover our curated selection of specialty courses and workshops  tailored to sharpen your expertise in specific areas crucial for professional development. Whether it’s dealing with negativity or being able to influence without authority, our courses provide targeted training to help you excel in specialized areas.

Mastering unique business skills opens doors to unparalleled opportunities and fuels success in the modern market.

One-Day Course Outlines

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  • Emotional Intelligence for Office Professionals

    This workshop introduces emotional intelligence, builds important emotional intelligence skills, and provides basic strategies to improve the effectiveness of participants both professionally and personally.

  • Indigenous Cultural Competency Training

    Develop cultural competency and understanding through Indigenous Cultural Competency Training, equipping participants with knowledge and skills to engage respectfully and effectively with Indigenous communities and individuals.

  • Influencing Without Authority

    Discover strategies to wield influence and achieve objectives even without formal authority in the course ‘Influence Without Authority,’ focusing on effective communication and relationship-building techniques.

  • Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

    Equip yourself with essential financial literacy and management skills tailored for non-financial managers in this course, designed to demystify key concepts, enhance decision-making capabilities, and drive financial efficiency within your organization.

  • Behavioural Interviewing: Find the Best New Hire

    Learn the art of behavioral interviewing to select the best candidates for your team, focusing on techniques to assess past behavior and predict future performance in this specialized course.

  • Building Integrity

    Learn essential principles and practices for fostering integrity in personal and professional contexts through this course, aimed at cultivating trust, transparency, and ethical conduct in all aspects of life.

  • Being the Best You Can Be

    Unlock your full potential and achieve personal and professional excellence with this course, offering insights and strategies for self-improvement, goal-setting, and maximizing productivity.

  • Dealing With Negativity

    Learn effective strategies for managing negativity in the workplace and fostering a positive environment with this course, which provides practical tools to address challenges and promote a culture of optimism and productivity.

  • Oppression: Understanding and Eliminating It

    Explore the dynamics of oppression and learn strategies for its eradication in this course, focusing on fostering understanding and implementing measures to dismantle oppressive structures.

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