Writing Style – In Appreciation

BizWritingTip reader: “Please review the following phrase and let me know which one sounds better: ‘in appreciation to’ or ‘in appreciation of.’ ” BizWritingTip response: When it comes to using the noun “appreciation” meaning “in favourable or grateful recognition,” the correct preposition is “of.” Therefore, you should say “in appreciation of.” Wow, that was an […]

Writing Style – Noon and Midnight

BizWritingTip reader: “How do you record the time between 11:59 a.m. and 12:01 p.m.? Is there a standard other than 12 noon or should it be avoided by altering the time either way by a minute or two?” BizWritingTip response: This is a question many writers struggle with. But it is actually quite simple. When […]

Writing Style – Titles and Punctuation

BizWritingTip reader: “When I am writing about a report, should I put quotation marks around the title?” BizWritingTip response: When referring to completed reports, books, magazines, newspapers, or pamphlets, you should bold or italicize the title. Never use more than one design technique. Examples I need to replace my copy of the Paperback Oxford Canadian Dictionary. […]

Writing Style – C or c. or Copy to

BizWritingTip reader: “Can you let me know what the new format is to copy someone on a business letter? Is it C: or c:?” BizWritingTip response: Although the notation in emails is Cc, this is considered outdated in business letters. The term c.c. was originally used to indicate a carbon copy. We no longer use […]

Writing Style – Cont. or Cont’d.

Connie’s question: “I was wondering what you thought the correct abbreviation for continued would be?  Is there a standard?” BizwritingTip response: Some words have set abbreviations, e.g., Mr., Sr., and Inc. You will find official abbreviations in the dictionary. Other words are abbreviated by leaving out letters and inserting an apostrophe, e.g., can’t or it’s. […]

Writing Style – Listing Job Responsibilities

BizWritingTip reader: “How do you punctuate a list of things, such as your job responsibilities? Also, does the tense of the verb have to be the same in each line? How do you show something that you have done in the past, but you do not do on a regular basis?” BizWritingTip response: First, there […]

Writing Style – To Capitalize or Not to Capitalize

BizWritingTip reader: “In my line of work, I often write letters to committee members and physicians something like this: ‘We are pleased to hear that you accepted Gayle Sawyer into the Internal Medicine Program.’ “My question is should the word program have a capital letter? We have noticed on occasions that program was typed with […]

Writing Style – Split Infinitives

BizWritingTip reader: “In a previous BizWritingTip, you wrote: ‘He said he liked to only read in his native language.’ I believe its placement should appear as follows: ‘He said he liked to read only in his native language.’ ” BizWritingTip response: Thank you for the feedback. However, I really liked splitting my infinitive in this […]

Writing Style – Contractions

BizWritingTip reader: “I received an email that contained the word these’re. A list of clients was provided and the message stated ‘I think these’re deceased clients.’ Is this correct grammar? Can any word be used in a contraction? It looked a little strange to me.” BizWritingTip response: A contraction is a word or phrase that has been shortened […]

Writing Style – Third Person Pronouns in Reports

BizWritingTip reader: “When writing a report is it correct to always use the third person?” BizWritingTip response: Third person pronouns are the words he or she, it, they and their variations. Yes, you can use these pronouns in a report, but I would never say “always.” Before you begin a report, you need to determine both the purpose of the […]