Grammar – Licensing

Brenda’s question: “I understand that ‘licence’ is a noun and ‘license’ is a verb.  Our question is about the word licencing/licensing. For example, would you say ‘Microsoft will be licencing users next year’ or ‘Microsoft will be licensing users next year’?”

BizWritingTip response: The word “licensing” is always spelt with an “s.”

Example (correct)
Microsoft will be licensing users next year.

Note: You are absolutely right. All forms of English spell the word with an “s” if it is being used as a verb.

Example (correct everywhere)
Are you licensed to drive a truck?

However, when it is in the noun form — British, Canadian, and Australian English spell it with a “c.” American English spells the noun with an “s.”

You need to apply for a licence. (noun — British, Canadian, and Australian English)
You need to apply for a license. (noun — American English)