Grammar Tip – I or Me: Use and Placement

Antonio’s question: “Do you think you could help me in my personal battle against the wrong use of ‘me,’ both in how it’s used and where it’s placed? I am sure you hear ‘me and my cousin went to the movies,’ ‘me and my friend had lunch together’ and on and on… and you want to scream as loud as me.”

BizWritingTip response: Yes, I definitely will support you in your fight. “I” and “me” are personal pronouns. When using them, you have to be mindful of two issues. The first is which pronoun to use. “I” is used for the subject in a sentence. “Me” is the object.

Note: There is no way the pronoun me can ever start a sentence.

Examples (correct)

I wrote the report. (I is the subject.)
The report was written by me. (Me is the object.)
She told me to attend the meeting. (Me is the object.)

The second issue is placement when the subject or object appears in pairs. If you have a compound subject (two or more subjects) or a compound object (two or more objects) that includes I or me, you must always put the I or me pronoun last. As an old teacher used to say, “Never put yourself first.”

Examples (correct)

My cousin and I went to the movies. (I is part of a compound subject.)
My friend and I had lunch together. (I is part of a compound subject.)
The report was written by her and me. (Me is part of a compound object.)
Invitations came for the manager and me. (Me is part of a compound object.)

If you want more information on I or me, please search for our blog for me, myself or I.

Keep on fighting!