Word Choice – To Versus Too

Peter’s question: “I run into problems in labelling column headers. For example, ‘Sent too’ looks wrong, but ‘Sent to’ looks grammatically incorrect. My understanding is that ‘to’ is the verb form while ‘too’ is a place.”

BizwritingTip response: I think your confusion lies in the many uses of the word “to.” As a preposition, it is used with a verb, e.g., to golf or to write.

However, when it is used as an adverb, it implies direction. I remember it as “to” being part of “toward.” Therefore, “sent to” is correct. Also correct: Where are you going to?

“Too” has several meanings. It can imply “also” or “as well,” but it is also used as a substitute for “very” or “overly.”

He is too hot. (He is overly hot.)
He is hot too. (He is hot as well.)
Would you like to come too? (Would you like to come also?)