Word Choice – Also Versus As Well

Claire’s question: “What is the correct use of the expression ‘as well’ versus using ‘also’?”

BizWritingTip response: Also is an adverb meaning “in addition, likewise, besides, moreover.” As well is an idiom and is defined as “also, in addition, to an equal extent, too.” Although these words appear similar, do not interchange them.

Also is used at the beginning or in the middle of a sentence. Think of it as a replacement for “in addition.”


Also, we need you to set up a meeting with the client.
You will also be asked to purchase tickets.

As well is placed at the end of a sentence and is used to show agreement with an earlier statement. Think of it as a replacement for the word “too.”


I read the book, and I enjoyed the movie as well. (I enjoyed the movie too.)
Please invite your client to the meeting. You can invite him to the dinner as well.

Never use both words in the same sentence.

Example (wrong)

Also, you need to discuss the issue with your manager as well.