Word Choice – Their Versus There

Fans of the TV show Sex in the City may remember the episode when Carrie compares herself to her ex-boyfriend’s fiancé. The new woman is younger, prettier, richer, and better educated. Carrie is devastated until – she receives a thank-you note. The “better” woman does not know the difference between their and there. Obviously, Carrie is not a loser after all.Remember, it’s the little things that can spoil your professional image. You may have crafted a clear, concise message, but if it contains obvious grammar errors, you can be guaranteed that’s what your reader will remember.

The their and there problem is easy.

Their is a personal pronoun. A noun will follow: their offices, their skills, their clients


Their offices are on the 2nd floor.
Their skills must be updated.
Their clients appreciate the change.

There, when it is used to indicate a fact or existence of something, is usually followed by a verb, such as is or are.


There are too many editors and not enough writers.
There was a grammar error in her thank-you note.

There is no reason for people to make this mistake in their documents.