Word Choice – Up to date Versus Up-to-date

Up to date is an example of a phrase that can turn itself into a compound adjective – up-to-date. (A compound adjective is made up of two or more words that express one thought. In other words, it is not an up report, a to report, or a date report. It is an up-to-date report.)

Example (adjective phrase – Correct)

The forecast is not up to date.

Example (compound adjective – Correct)

The up-to-date forecast was included in the handout material.

Remember: Whenever a compound adjective appears before a noun, you must insert hyphens.


The up-to-date report is on my desk. (The adjective is before the noun.)

The report on my desk is up to date. (The adjective is not followed by a noun.)

I trust you are now up to date on this grammar point.