Writing Style – As per

BizWritingTip reader: Would you please clarify if “as per” should be used in reports and business letters, and — if the response is no — please identify the correct wording.

BizWritingTip response: “As per” means “in accordance with” or “in response to the request made.” However, the phrase is rarely used today when speaking in the business world. Therefore, it is considered old fashioned and pretentious when used in writing.

Examples (outdated expressions)

As per our discussion last week,

As per your request,

As per the policy,

So what should you use instead? First, decide on the tone you want. If you want a warm tone, add a personal pronoun; if you want a cool tone, omit the pronoun. Then, choose the words you would use when speaking.

BetterExamples (neutral tone)

As discussed last week,

As requested,

According to the policy,

As stated in the policy,

BetterExamples (warm tone)

As we discussed last week,

As you requested,

I believe this provides the information you requested.