Writing Style – Large Numbers

Harvey’s question:”I was reading your BizWritingTip about starting sentences with numbers, and I noticed the example you provided, “One hundred and thirty-eight people signed up for the conference.’ I was taught when writing (or speaking) large numbers you should never say ‘and.’ I believe the example should be written as “One hundred thirty-eight people signed up for the conference.” In addition, when it’s currency it should be written, ‘one hundred thirty-eight dollars, thirteen cents.’ Is this correct?”

BizWritingTip response: When writing large numbers, the use of “and” is optional. I was taught to put it in. That’s probably why I like it. But whatever you do is fine.

Examples (correct)
One hundred and thirty-eight
One hundred thirty-eight

When it comes to currency, North American business style is to use the numbers.

Example (correct)

Note: Legal writing often requires figures to be presented both as numbers