Writing Style – More Redundant Phrases

I asked readers to send me more redundant phrases that irritated them. The venting was amazing.

If you use any of the following phrases in your writing, you risk the chance of annoying your reader:
advance planning
at this point in time
basic fundamentals
blunder mistake
communicate in writing
desirable benefits
exact same
extended long weekend
fax back
fact-based evidence
first annual
free gift
for the amount of
in my own opinion
invited guests
key essentials
merge together
month of April
new record
past history
personally, for me
plan ahead
tiny small
great big huge
too too bad
totally unique

And Greg dislikes hearing “That’s a really good question” every time an interviewee is asked a question.

Mary sent in a message from the front of a tee-shirt: Department of Redundancy Department.