Managing Time: Who’s Responsible for Your Work-Life Balance

A very expensive New York hotel is now offering a new service – a work-down call. When you check in, you can arrange for the front desk to phone you at a certain hour to remind you to power down all your electronic devices. Isn’t this like having your mother tell you it’s time to […]

The Key to Productive Meetings: The Cardinals Know It

The cardinals in Rome have much to talk about as they participate in closed-door, pre-conclave meetings. In fact, some of them have so much to discuss that they have had to set up a 5-minute time limit. When the green light flashes, the speaker must halt. It’s the best way to run a productive meeting. […]

Free Tip Sheet on Minute Taking at Meetings

Free Tip Sheet from the Web-Based workshop:              

Taking Minutes at Meetings now on YouTube

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Web Based Training – Taking Minutes at Meetings

Ontario Training now offers a web based courses through Udemy on Taking Minutes at Meetings: Web based training by Jane Watson Jane Watson has been involved in the meeting process — both as a minute taker and as a chair — for many years. In fact, she has written one of the first books exclusively on […]