Managers spend more than 6 hours per week handling staff conflicts

Do you know the percent of time Canadian Managers spend involved in resolving employee disputes?

The article and survey published in HR Reporter, and conducted by Accountemps puts it at 16%.

Our one-day workshops on Resolving Conflicts in the Workplace gives insights into how to be more efficient in handling this, thus freeing up valuable management time, helping to strengthen relationships, and improving future productivity.

Word Choice – Number Versus Amount

Colin’s question: “Can the words ‘amount’ and ‘number’ be interchanged? I have seen ‘the amount of people’ and the ‘number of people.’ Which is correct?”

BizWritingTip response: These words are not interchangeable. Use “amount” for money and for things that cannot be counted.

They received a large amount of money for that idea.
The amount of grumbling has increased. (You can’t count grumbling.)
Use “number” for items that can be counted.

A large number of people attended the conference.
A small number of branch offices are closing.
The number of proposals we must write is increasing.

I have had a number of people seeking help with this point. Glad I can help.