Chris Pohlkamp Trainer

Christine Pohlkamp is an experienced professional trainer with expertise in both the public and private sectors. Her workshops cover a wide variety of topics including customer service, behavioural interviewing, appraisals, supervisory training, time mastery, performance management, change management, and motivation.

All the programs she facilitates have been designed according to experiential design standards plus accelerated learning principles. All the material is well researched prior to delivery and meets the “real life” criterion of the clients.

Drawing on her extensive facilitating experience allows Chris to quickly develop a rapport with attendees that encourages enthusiastic participation. Chris also uses auditing tools and self-measuring instruments to establish the effectiveness of communications within an organization.

Working in diverse fields such as energy management, manufacturing, government, tourism, law enforcement, telecommunications, and computer industries has earned Chris a reputation for thorough preparation of the content of her workshops.

As well, Christine acts as an in-house SME resource: assisting the client through ROI, evaluating programs, creating customer service strategies, developing leader’s guides, and assisting clients in their time management skills. She also creates performance management tools, interview guides, and conducts time and motion studies.

She has her Diploma in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University and her Diploma in Equine Studies from University of Guelph.

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