Writing Style – Hope

Hope is a lovely word. We should all have it. However, the only time I would use it in a business document is when I am referring to a social or personal situation.


hope the weather is good for your vacation.?I hope you and your family are fine.

In a business setting, hope implies the writer is not positive that what he or she has done or wants done is possible.


hope this information is satisfactory. (This statement implies that the writer is not sure the information provided is comprehensive. There is other information that was not sent, which might also be relevant.)?I hope to hear from you by Monday. (I’m hoping, but I’m not counting on it.)

Example (Revised)

I trust this information is satisfactory.?I am sure this information will answer your questions.?I look forward to hearing from you by Monday.

Remember when it comes to business – there is no hope.