There Is No Wrong Time

By Craig When is the right time? There may be a better time. But, there is no such thing as a wrong time. There is just time. Waiting for the Right Time Recently, someone told me they were “waiting until the right time” to pursue their dream job. Right time? I was curious. When is the right […]

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It Doesn’t Matter Where You Keep Your Todo List

By Craig You say you are overloaded. You say you have too much to do. Yet, you aren’t even keeping a todo list. So, how do you really know what you need to accomplish? Show me Your List Where do you keep your todo list? It really doesn’t matter, as long as you are keeping one. “If […]

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27 Places and Times You Don’t Need to Check Your Phone

By Craig Do you check your phone all day long? The average person turns on their phone 110 times a day! (Some extreme users do it closer to 1000!) But, you don’t need to check your phone everywhere and anytime. If you do, your phone is ruling your life. Is Your Phone Always There? You take your […]

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Get Your 5 Most Important Tasks Done Today

By Craig Do you know what you most important tasks are, right now? Perhaps they are lost in your todo list which is a mile long. Or maybe you haven’t written them down, even though they are weighing on your mind. What are your top tasks today and what will it take to actually get them done? What […]

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5 Surprising Ways to Stay Zen Despite Your Insane Workload

By Craig This is a guest post by Linda Coussement, a blogger at Inspired Process. She’s on a quest to (r)evolutionise the business world by helping entrepreneurs build and grow remarkable businesses. Follow her on Twitter. Your to do list is overflowing… Heck, your monthly calendar is overflowing… You feel the tension and sense of dread already setting […]

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4 Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

By Brian Moran

It’s tough talking to business owners these days: No one seems to have time anymore because they’re too busy putting out fires in their companies. Whether it’s due to customer complaints, employee issues or problems with vendors, business owners are losing sight of the bigger picture.

Getting Out of the Weeds

This happens when you spend more time working “in” your business, dealing with day-to-day problems, than you do working “on” your business, focusing on the long-term goals and health of your company. It’s a vicious cycle. The more you get caught up in the weeds, only seeing what’s 3 feet in …read more

Ariane Goldman of HATCH: Disrupting Fashion for Moms-to-Be

By Katie Morell

A frustrated and pregnant Ariane Goldman was suffering from a sleepless night in mid-2010 when she sat down at her computer and started searching for fashionable maternity wear. Typing “chic maternity” into Google brought up nothing but cheap, circa-1999 trends (remember the empire waist?). Entering “how to look hot while pregnant” also brought up nothing of note.

And that’s when a light bulb went off: Why not create a luxurious, high-end maternity collection?

“Yes, there were other nice maternity designers out there, but the styles were uncomfortable and not me—lots of snaps and buttons,” Goldman says. “I wanted to create something chic …read more

Think Smaller and How to Ask for Help

By JJ Ramberg

In this week’s Top Two Tips, CNBC contributor and former investment banker and investor Carol Roth, and John Jantsch, marketing consultant and author of the book, “Duct Tape Selling: Think Like a Marketer,” join us. They share what you should keep in mind when asking for help and why thinking smaller will make you and your company more efficient.

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Why You Should Tell Your Team Exactly What You Earn

By Barry Moltz

For small businesses looking to recruit employees, closed doors, private offices and secrets must be a thing of the past. Today, employees want to work for companies that are transparent and authentic—which means business owners are expected to disclose the business’s financial results, including compensation.

This open book management philosophy is about sharing almost all financial and operational information with every employee in order to make a firm more profitable.

In the past, company financial statements of private corporations were only shared with senior executives. Open-book management strives to extend this feeling of responsibility to every team member and forge trust with …read more

Give Your Project a Home

By Kevin Korterud

Have you ever been on a project where the team members and the project manager resemble migratory birds? This nomadic existence does not lend itself well to fostering project cohesion and direction. And without a cohesive project team, project performance can suffer.
In my experience, one of the more effective ways to produce cohesion and focus on a project is to have a central location that serves as its geographic and social home. To create such a home, project managers should build and operate a “project control room.” The project control room is a gathering spot for a team to …read more