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For most organizations, managing the people side of change is a major challenge and a reason for delays, errors, and cost overruns. Whether the change is organizational, IT, work process, or cultural, overcoming employee resistance is critical to success.

Drawing on our in-depth experience helping internal managers, internal change leads, and HR professionals, we will show you why people resist change and the difference between “early adopters, fence sitters and resisters.”

And we will provide you with tools to assess who is impacted by a change and how to use this information to target your communication, engagement, and training activities.



  • Senior managers responsible for implementing a change
  • Middle managers who need to plan, co-ordinate and make change happen
  • Front-line leaders who need to support their people through the change journey
  • Project managers and HR professionals who advise and help people through change



  • Understand how people feel and react to change
  • Track the emotional journey of people impacted by change
  • Identify who is impacted by a change and how they are impacted
  • Help people move up the Change Curve from understanding to adoption
  • Communicate in a way that builds buy-in and commitment
  • Integrate our Change Roadmap into your Project Plan
  • Ensure follow through and maintain change initiatives



The Emotional Journey of Change

  • Understand how people react to change
  • Assess the underlying needs of those impacted by a change
  • Plot where people are on the Emotional Journey of Change

Uncovering Sources of Resistance

  • Uncover employee issues and concerns about the change
  • Understand the major sources of resistance
  • Distinguish between Early Adopters, Fence Sitters, and Resisters

Step-by-Step Change Roadmap

  • Understand the steps in the Change Roadmap
  • Assess where you are on the Change Curve
  • Develop a Change Strategy and Plan

Communicate and Engage Impacted Employees

  • Apply a Change-Stability communications framework
  • Determine your key messages and mediums
  • Practice your key messages and receive feedback

Implement and Sustain Your Change Effort

  • Understand the need to support and sustain the change effort
  • Develop a change training and implementation support plan
  • Develop a change sustainment plan


This half-day workshop is highly interactive involving participants in assessments, gap analysis, surveys, individual and group activities, and discussions. Participants will apply the change concepts to a current or planned change initiative and leave with a fully developed change implementation plan.

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Course Code: MPB511