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For most leaders, helping people to accept, adjust to, and adopt change is stressful and time consuming. However, managing people’s concerns and issues about change increases buy-in and helps make the change stick.

This workshop provides practical tools and tips from a senior change management practitioner. Participants will learn a step-by-step methodology for enabling the people impacted by change to successfully transition from the current to the future work situation or environment.

Participants will also discover ways to communicate in a way that builds acceptance and minimizes resistance.


  • Senior managers responsible for change
  • Middle managers who need to make change happen
  • Internal change leads and HR professionals
  • Project Managers


  • Understand how people feel and react to change
  • Remove the barriers to change acceptance and buy-in
  • Assess how changes impact different groups/stakeholders
  • Help people move up the Change Curve
  • Establish a Change Champion Network
  • Communicate using our 4-box model
  • Conduct employee input and engagement sessions
  • Ensure organizational and work process readiness
  • Ensure follow through and sustain change initiatives


Change Buy-In Challenges

  • Examine what gets in the way of change
  • Understand organizational change history
  • Identify the end goal of successful change

Understand Why People Resist Change

  • Explore why people react negatively to change
  • Learn what helps them to get on-board
  • Determine who are the early adopters, fence sitters and resisters

Move People Up the Change Adoption Curve

  • Understand the 5 steps in the Change Adoption Curve
  • Change strategies and tools
  • Change plans and resourcing

Stakeholder Change Impact Analysis

  • Identify the impacted stakeholders
  • Assess how the change impacts people
  • Develop strategies to manage the impacts 

Develop a Change Champion Network

  • Select work group Change Champions
  • Orient and clarify the role of Change Champions
  • Conduct regular ongoing update and feedback meetings

Communicate Frequent Updates

  • Apply a Change-Stability communications framework
  • Determine your key audiences, messages and mediums
  • Create two-way communication forums and opportunities

Facilitate Change Engagement Sessions

  • Different ways to engage employees
  • Identify employee issues and needs
  • Respond proactively and remove barriers

Ensure Organizational Readiness

  • Identify policy, process, and methods changes
  • Identify employee skill development needs and training
  • Assess readiness to implement a change

Sustain Your Change Effort – Make it Stick!

  • Critical change activities post implementation
  • Develop an implementation support plan
  • Develop a change integration and sustainment plan



This full-day workshop is highly interactive involving participants in individual and group activities and discussions.

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Course Code: MPB711