Learn to address conflict situations quickly and with the right people involved. If the root cause can be identified, solutions can be implemented and stronger results can occur. This eliminates loss of productivity, poor communication, missed deadlines and a toxic environment in the future.


For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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Conflict exists everywhere.  Having people who have the skills and are comfortable to deal with conflict in a timely and effective manner are key for any organization.  This workshop provides an opportunity for people to examine their own conflict style, understand the benefits to dealing with issues early and provide concrete skills using an easy to follow model.


  • Anyone who deals with conflict at work or at home
  • Any staff who deals with anger or conflict on the job
  • Anyone who works in a team environment


  • Gain a clearer understanding of the nature of conflict and what causes it
  • Understand your personal style of dealing with conflict and how it helps or hinders you
  • Enhance your knowledge of conflict management strategies and techniques
  • Generate clear guidelines for confronting conflict with a team


Defining Motivation and Categories of Conflict

  • Motivation factors that can create conflict
  • Understand the four categories that conflict falls under and the escalating difficulty to resolve each one

Personal Style and Responses

  • Complete a self-reflection questionnaire on personal style
  • Explore natural responses to conflict and the impact it has on resolution
  • Know the key questions to get to the root cause of the conflict
  • Learn to use your five power bases effectively

Using Anger Management Techniques

  • Apply instant intervention tools
  • Handling sarcasm, swipes and slams
  • Setting and maintaining boundaries

Remain Focused on Effective Strategies

  • Understand the games people play
  • Utilize the four steps to resolving conflict successfully
  • Create a personal action plan to deal with one of “their” current issues

Team Conflicts and other Resources Available

  • Respect and deal with conflicts in a team environment
  • Gain other options available to deal with conflict


This is an interactive day with participants completing individual questionnaires, large and small group discussions, case studies and various scenarios to be resolved. Individuals will have a chance to reflect on their personal styles to increase their confidence, to identify changes that would be beneficial, and to complete an action plan to deal with conflict situations in the future.