Customers won and retained, communicating, being assertive, keeping customers


For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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Customer service equates to customers won and retained.  We lose 68% of our customers because they perceive we don’t care for them or their needs.  And that is their reality.

In this workshop, we explore what customers expect from us, the tone and the words they expect to hear, and what their needs are.

Everyone is a customer, internally and externally. Employees leave their place of business because they are not treated the way they wish to be treated. Customers do the same.


  • Employees who communicate with the clients frequently
  • Internal customers
  • Supervisors


Awareness of Customer Service

  • Identify who the customer is
  • Knowing what they expect
  • Understanding the benefits of high level service
  • Reviewing the 10 commandments of quality service

Communicating in a Customer Driven Environment

  • Communicating with others in a non-stress environment
  • Using our behaviours to communicate our messages
  • Using verbal, non-verbal and visual
  • Using behaviours to be assertive when necessary
  • Knowing what you are doing to keep a customer coming back: behaviour breeds behaviour

Being Assertive

  • Repeat for emphasis
  • Giving the benefit of the doubt
  • Saying “no” when needed
  • Being assertive is not being aggressive

Getting and Keeping Customers

  • Taking what you learn and putting it into your reality
  • Choosing to accept customer service as part of a life style
  • Accepting responsibility to servicing a customer in a fast-paced environment
  • Creating an action plan to build the best customer service model possible

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Course Code: CEC701