Customers won and retained, communicating, being assertive, keeping customers


For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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This workshop discusses what customers expect when they deal with us, what tone and words they expect to hear and what their requirements are. Everyone is a customer, internally and externally. Employees leave their place of business because they are not treated the way they wish to be treated. Customers do the same.


  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Managers and Supervisors


Awareness of Customer Service 

  • What do they expect
  • Advising to the customers the extent of their service
  • The 10 commandments of quality service

Problem solving in a customer driven environment

  • Verbal, non-verbal and visual, using all three to be the best communicator
  • Using these behaviours to be assertive when necessary
  • Making attention to detail the number one priority
  • Behaviour breeds behaviour, understanding how our actions can cause others to become angry

Relationship building and maintaining

  • Using the voice to project words and thoughts
  • What to do when a customer gets assertive

Getting and keeping the Customer

  • Creating an action plan to build the best customer service centre possible


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Course Code: CEC501