This is a highly interactive session that includes writing tips. But the main focus is on the thinking process behind writing for councillors. You will receive tools for ensuring you are providing your reader with the right information so they can confidently approve your recommendation. There is also a role play component when participants must defend their decision on a report at a town hall meeting.


For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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The most common flaw in report writing today is that writers don’t pay enough attention to what their readers need to understand the issue and to approve their recommendations. This session provides participants with the tools they need to write effective reports in a time-efficient manner. Although time is spent on writing skills, the focus is on understanding the readers’ questions and on building strong arguments.


  • Anyone who is expected to prepare reports in a municipal setting
  • Anyone who edits municipal reports


  • Write in a clear, concise manner
  • Analyze the needs and expectations of councillors
  • Use 3 proven tools that increase the effectiveness and impact of their reports
  • Provide a persuasive argument using your organization’s template


Getting Started

  • Understand how academic and business writing differ
  • Review the characteristics of effective reports
  • Discover what councillors think about reports
  • Learn the 3 steps for effective report writing

Pre-Writing Tools

  • Analyze the needs of readers
  • Learn what questions councillors need answered
  • Start with a 3-part objective statement
  • Discover 2 tools to help you determine necessary details

Writing and Editing

  • Review the 7 deadly sins to report writing
  • Learn to emphasize good news and de-emphasize the bad
  • Know when to use passive voice sentences
  • Use your computer’s software feature to check your “ease of reading”
  • Make your document visually appealing
  • Develop an editing success checker


  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of using a template
  • Discuss the main sections of the template and what must be included
  • Use the pyramid structure to ensure ideas support recommendations


Participants will be actively involved in exercises and activities designed to improve their understanding of the organization’s template and to improve their writing skills.

The facilitator will work with the client before the session to review their template and to explore any concerns regarding current writing styles.

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