If you can only spare one-day to brush up on your business writing, this is the session you need. Using the SCORE approach, you will learn how to write clear and concise letters and emails. We will also focus on the tone of your documents so your messages  come across in a courteous – not curt – fashion.


For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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Business Writing: Best Practices is a workshop designed to provide public and private sector employees with the basic tools and information they need to produce effective reports and emails.

The session stresses the importance of understanding your reader, providing the right content, and organizing the information effectively. Participants will also learn proven techniques for ensuring their sentences are clear and concise, and the tone is appropriate for the reader and the message.


  • Any office professional who communicates in writing either internally or externally
  • Any manager or supervisor who writes or edits business documents


Upon successful completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Write clear, concise sentences
  • Create reports that answer the readers’ questions
  • Organize emails effectively for both internal and external use
  • Adopt the right tone for the reader and the message
  • Ensure documents are visually appealing
  • Increase their chances for positive action
  • Reduce the time they spend writing


Getting Started

  • Review differences in writing styles: business versus academic
  • Know the differences between an essay and a report
  • Determine what today’s readers want
  • Understand why the rules of letters do not apply to emails


  • Review the characteristics of effective documents
  • Use the 40-20-40 writing process
  • Understand where to put the most effort for the best results
  • Learn techniques to ensure readers’ needs are met
  • Select the right content

Writing Style

  • Identify the 3 types of business documents
  • Review 5 guidelines for effective writing
  • Ensure sentences flow
  • Let go of clichés to strengthen your professional image
  • Learn 3 techniques to Increase reader buy-in


  • Review the major pet peeves associated with business emails
  • Learn how to survive your reader’s inbox
  • Use subject lines effectively
  • Write powerful opening lines
  • Make requests that get acted upon



This is a high-content workshop. Participants will be involved in group and individual exercises. Virtual sessions will include polling, videos, and breakout rooms.

A lot of what I learned in school is now obsolete.  English is a living language and morphs on a regular basis.

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Course Code: WBJ701