If you can only spare one-day to brush up on your business writing, this is the session you need. Using the SCORE approach, you will learn how to write clear and concise letters and emails. We will also focus on the tone of your documents so your messages  come across in a courteous – not curt – fashion.


For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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Business Writing: Best Practices is a workshop designed to help business people with the challenge of writing effective letters and emails.


  • Any office professional who communicates in writing either internally or externally


At this one-day workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Organize your thoughts to match your reader’s mindset
  • Use the SCORE approach to plain language writing
  • Organize letters and emails effectively
  • Write powerful opening lines
  • Adopt the right tone
  • Apply a seven-point success checker when editing
  • Obtain fast action and get the results you want from your messages


Getting Started

  • Review differences in writing styles: business versus academic
  • Determine what today’s readers want
  • Understand why the rules of letters do not apply to emails
  • Learn the top 10 Canadian complaints with regard to email

Writing Style: Plain Language

  • Use the SCORE approach (5 steps to clearer writing)
  • Emphasize good news/de-emphasize the bad
  • Choose the right tone: formal, neutral, and informal

Organizing Documents

  • Explore the three formats for letters
  • Understand the inverted pyramid principle and how it works with emails
  • Survive your reader’s inbox
  • Let go of clichés

Editing techniques

  • Analyze samples of letters and emails
  • Use a 7-sentence success checker



This is a highly interactive session with group and individual exercises. The atmosphere is relaxed, and key points are backed with research and anecdotes. Participants are invited to bring samples of their own writing to the workshop for the editing section.

A lot of what I learned in school is now obsolete.  English is a living language and morphs on a regular basis.

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Course Code: WBJ701