For 6 to 16 participants at your place of business

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It can be unnerving to stand in front of people in a meeting and not know how to answer a question directed to you, or how to deal with silence when you ask a question of a team member.

This session will assist the learner with questioning and with verbal and non-verbal skills, with presenting good messages, and with feeling confident in the message being presented.


By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Display appropriate non-verbal presentation delivery techniques (gesture, stance, expression, posture)
  • Display appropriate vocal delivery techniques (rate of speech, pitch and volume of voice, and avoid verbal “ticks” and monotonous delivery)
  • Question, respond and field questions and comments effectively
  • Use the Three-Tell model
  • Deal with nervousness effectively


Questioning Skills

  • Asking questions with ease
  • Responding to questions
  • Fielding responses as needed

Body Language While in a Discussion

  • The Medium is the Message
  • Non-Verbal Delivery Techniques
  • Vocal Delivery Techniques

Three-Tell Model

  • Tips and techniques on designing effective discussions
  • Tell them what you are going to say; Tell them; Tell them what you said

Presentation Round

  • Present a ten minute discussion on an impromptu topic drawn from a hat
  • Provide feedback to other participants on the three-tell model, platform skills and QRF skills
  • Create an action plan for future discussions


Participants will deliver their ten minute presentation to a portion of the group. At the end of each discussion, co-participants will complete a feedback sheet that asks them to identify areas of success as well as areas for improvement for each individual presenter.