Presentation skills, presenting, delivery, anxiety, video-feedback


For 6 to 10 participants at your place of business

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Life is a series of presentations. Whether you’re delivering your message to one person or 100 people, you are still presenting. If you experience “butterflies” before or during a presentation you are normal. This two-day workshop will help you put your butterflies in formation so you are in control. Every individual will leave more confident to deliver an effective presentation.


  • People who are new to presentations
  • People who would like to enhance their presentation skills


Introduction to Presentations

  • Complete an assessment of your presentation skills
  • Identify benefits of an effective presentation for the audience and the presenter
  • Know the “type” and reason for your presentation

Process of Presenting

  • POP – Plan, Organize and Present
  • Delivery skills and techniques (communicating effectively)
  • Self-awareness of delivery style
  • Three adult learning styles
  • A positive first impression

Selecting your Delivery

  • Know your audience
  • Capture their attention
  • Keep them hooked
  • Leave them with want they want
  • Select one-way or two-way delivery

Additional Tools

  • Benefits of visual aids
  • Types of visual aids
  • Visuals to tailor to your audience
  • Handouts (when and why)

Overcoming Anxiety

  • Handling difficult people
  • Handling difficult questions
  • Controlling butterflies

We recommend the two days of this workshop be delivered one week apart to allow for preparation of each participant’s main presentation.


Participants will:

  • Deliver mini presentations throughout the session
  • Receive continuous constructive feedback from facilitator and peers

Program delivery will appeal to all adult learning styles to encourage active participation and learning. Small and large group discussion, videos and group demonstrations are some of the delivery modes used.