Presentation Skills, defining, outline, delivery style, aids, difficult questions, feedback


For 6 to 16 participants at your place of business

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If you already have the basic skills needed for making a presentation but want to give them a final polish – this is the session for you. Participants will learn and practice techniques for planning, opening, executing and concluding their presentations in a way that fully engages their audiences.


  • Individuals wishing to refresh their presentation skills
  • Presenters looking for advanced tips and techniques on how to add more polish to their presentations
  • Individuals who know presentation basics and are required to do morethinking on their feet at meetings, internal or client presentations, and special events


Defining the Presentation: The Big Picture

  • The 4 types of presentations
  • Defining your presentation outcomes
  • Knowing your audience for tailoring presentation

Planning the Presentation: The Preparation Outline

  • Five major components in your plan
  • Heading/summary information
  • The introduction
  • Development
  • Summary or conclusion
  • Other plan elements

Organizing the Presentation: Opening, Middle, Close

  • The opening process
  • The middle main points, sub points, links and bridges
  • The close is clear, sharp and concise

Practicing the Presentation: Delivery Style

  • Techniques for hooking your audience
  • Communication tips for eye contact, posture, gestures, poise, humour
  • Tips and techniques for vocal delivery volume, pace, articulation, tone, pronunciation, pauses, inflections

Visual Aids for the Presentation

  • Adult learning styles
  • Visual do’s and don’ts

Handling Difficult Situations

  • Dealing with difficult questions
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Controlling fears

Individual Feedback

  • Presentation Planning Form
  • Feedback Checklist (for future evaluation)


Program delivery will appeal to all adult learning styles to encourage active participation and learning. Small and large group discussion, and group demonstrations are some of the delivery modes used.

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Course Code: PSP701