Grammar – The Changing Rules

Although they may not like it, people are now aware that nothing remains the same. Everything changes. That’s why I find it amazing when some people appear stunned to hear grammar rules and writing styles change.

But why shouldn’t they?  Grammar and writing style rules were invented to meet a specific need. When the need changes or no longer works, shouldn’t the rule?

For instance, periods did not exist until the 4th century. At that point, St. Jerome decided he needed them to make his translations of the scriptures easier to understand. I am sure he probably got complaints about the strange mark in his writing style.

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Minutes and Freedom of Information: What you need to know

I just heard about a disgruntled parent who demanded to see the minutes of his son’s minor hockey association. It doesn’t matter what the man was looking for. But, under freedom of information legislation, the group had to turn them over.

The members were shocked. After all, they were just a volunteer group organized to help their kids play a game. Their meetings and minutes were hardly formal. But all minutes – formal and informal – are considered records that the public may have the right to access. If you refuse to turn them over, the requester may then appeal to whatever authority oversees freedom of information in your locale. This authority will make the final decision as to what must be revealed.

In some cases, the entire minutes may have to be released. In other instances, the head of your group may be able to remove certain words or sentences. However, the more you remove the less transparent your organization looks.

Jane Watson has just released a web-based course on minute taking that includes a section on privacy legislation.

Minute Taking Online Course

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Jane Watson is also the author of The Minute Takers Handbook.

Minute Takers Handbook

4th Edition of The Minute Takers Handbook

Free Tip Sheet on Minute Taking at Meetings

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Minute Taking Online Course

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Minute Taking Tip Sheet

Free, Minute Taking Tip Sheet

5 Ways to Become a Better Manager

Recent studies show employee engagement is down, and that many employees are looking for new opportunities — or they intend to — as soon as the economy picks up steam. A number of studies have also revealed what these employees are looking for, and what can motivate them to stick around – good management. This means a manager who understands personal motivations and who is looking out for their employees’ best interests and development.

Work now to improve your relationships with your employees and to provide tailored learning, training and development opportunities for them. This can help stem future job losses – as well as build a more productive and motivated team today. The best way to strengthen workplace relationships is to study your employees’ behaviour profile. If you understand the strengths of a person, you will understand what motivates them.

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