time management, attitudes, priorities, SMART goals, planning, scheduling


For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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Uses the Wiley Time Mastery Profile

A three-day time log is sent out prior to workshop and should be brought to the workshop completed.  15% of the day is spent analyzing the participants own work habits around the topics listed below.


  • Identify habits that are key to good time management
  • Change your thinking about time
  • Identify which habits are most critical to your job


Where are you now, where do you want to be?

  • Identify what habits you want to change
  • Steps to begin a new behaviour, it takes 7- 21 times of a repeated process to change a behaviour


  • Creating a positive climate-what you think is critical
  • Self-discipline – the difference between knowing what to do and doing it
  • Saying NO, without compromising relationships


  • Developing SMART goals
  • Taking those goals and planning your day around them
  • Balancing work and home goals and priorities


  • Identifying important vs. urgent items for daily tasks
  • Determining where important and urgent viewpoints conflict with others opinions and determining how to deal with that


  • Identifying time problems by doing a three-day time log
  • Keeping a time log back at work and questions to ask when analyzing your days
  • How to continually track your time including interruptions

Planning and Scheduling the Day

  • Determining what to do on a daily and weekly basis using the goals as a focus
  • Allowing for flexibility in your planning
  • How to schedule uninterrupted time
  • Determining your energy cycle to plan your day

This is a highly-interactive workshop using a three-day time log and The Wiley Time Mastery Profile (Cost about $26 per participant). Sixty per cent of the day is spent analysing the participants’ own work habits and assisting them in developing personalized action plans to increase productivity and balance.

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Course Code: MPC708