Negotiating skills, risks, benefits, outcomes, using your influence, five strategies, negotiating successfully


For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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If you have an important or difficult upcoming negotiation, this seminar will prepare you to achieve maximum results. This learning experience will have a lasting effect on your future success. You will gain first hand information on how to refine your negotiating skills. You’ll learn techniques that neutralize surprises or “ambushes” from the other side. You’ll see how to read your opponent like a book – unveil hidden meanings in conversations – and analyze your opponent’s nonverbal behavior. You’ll be shown how the pros prepare for a negotiation – how to rehearse your strategy so that both you and your opponent come out a winner. You’ll learn what it takes to reinforce sustain a negotiating success once it’s achieved.

This workshop can be customized for specific industries and participant groups.


  • Staff responsible for leading others on cross-functional teams that are co-located or virtual
  • Staff who negotiate any of the following during a typical work week: deadlines, schedules, resources, staff, budgets, pricing, product changes, staff commitment


  • Practice negotiating techniques useful for managing and leading others face-to-face, through teleconferencing, email, and other electronic methods
  • Develop your negotiating strengths and areas for development through a negotiating self-assessment


Negotiating as a Manager: Risks, Benefits, and Outcomes

  • Defining negotiating as a necessary part of your job.
  • Knowing what you negotiate, and what can you add to the list
  • Identifying risks and benefits.

Informal Negotiations: Using Your Influence

  • Completing an influence self-assessment
  • Defining and using influences: benefits and drawbacks
  • Working with a case study and role play: influence practice
  • Designing an influence action plan

Formal Negotiations: Five Strategies

  • Defining assertiveness and cooperativeness
  • Five strategies: The assertiveness and cooperativeness continuum
  • Integration: Converting needs from wants for win-win
  • The principles of (BATNA) Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement

Communicating Your BATNA Effectively

  • Emphasizing benefits over features
  • Using AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)
  • Exploring WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?)
  • Reviewing EPM (empathize, pinpoint problem, move forward with a solution)
  • Working with a case study and role-play practice to use BANTA effectively

Negotiating Successfully: Putting It Into Practice

  • Negotiating checklists
  • Designing a Personal Action Plan
  • Using templates and other resources


The workshop exercises are designed to be used in real time scenarios drawn from the participant’s own case studies. Participants will be invited to complete a brief pre-workshop questionnaire and bring to the workshop a work-related topic for negotiating in practice exercises.

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Course Code: SNR702