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For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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Although meeting face to face has always been considered the best way to conduct negotiations, in today’s business world more and more professionals often end up in email negotiations. However, few people have been trained on the significant differences in online negotiations and how to overcome some of the risks and problems. This one-day workshop provides staff with the latest, proven techniques to negotiate effectively by email.

This workshop can be customized for specific industries and participant groups.


  • Staff responsible for leading others on cross-functional teams that are co-located or virtual
  • Staff who negotiate any of the following during a typical work week: deadlines, schedules, resources, staff, budgets, pricing, product changes, staff commitment


  • Handle the challenges of negotiating by email
  • Increase your online negotating skills
  • Overcome the lack of a strong personal relationship with the other party — an important step in any negotation • Write persuasively
  • Shorten the process
  • Develop an effective negotiating strategy



  • Why traditional negotiation technqiues may not work with emails
  • 7 major challenges
  • The advantages of email negotiations

Blended Negotiation

  • Starting the negotiation with a personal telephone call
  • Talking informally and using this opportunity to plan your negotiation
  • Supplementing emails with an occasional ‘”real time” telephone call or actual face-to-face meeting (via Skype)

Informal Negotiation (Using your Influence)

  • Sharing some personal information about yourself
  • Investing time in developing a personal relationship with the other party • Using “non-task” chatting about personal items
  • Establishing common areas of interest
  • Developing trust, encouraging honesty to build rapport
  • Including positive signals and refer to the relationship

Formal Negotiations

  • Summarizing, listing concessions, and providing assurances • Replying and forwarding e-mails
  • Copying other people – pros and cons
  • Forwarding information in the right amount

Record Keeping

  • Creating records of your negotiations.
  • Building folders for your email correspondence • Keeping records for follow-up


  • Learning to be concise — not curt
  • Understanding the three voices of emails
  • Knowing words that burn/words that bless
  • Avoiding cliches
  • Learning 3 techniques to keep your reader focused


  • Waiting before you press the send button
  • Checking for the right tone – Is this what you want to say
  • Thinking about it overnight versus a quick reply


The workshop exercises are designed to use real telephone and email simulations drawn from your organizations’s case studies and examples. Participants will be invited to complete a brief workshop questionnaire and bring to the workshop a work-related topic to use while practicing email negotiations.

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Course Code: SNR703