Professional Selling is a combination of attitude, skills and knowledge. This seminar covers: building trust & rapport; making customers feel valued and special; people do business with people that they like; why do people really buy from you; establishing goals for your day and why customers remain loyal.


For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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This course uses the online report, “Everything DiSC Sales Profile”

This practical workshop is designed for client facing staff to develop/refine their current fundamental sales skills and understanding of the sales process


  • Understand the customer’s business and needs
  • Help the customer quantify or cost justify choosing a client solution
  • Have the customer set specifications which include the clients unique or distinctive selling points
  • Effectively close a sale and respond effectively to objections


Profiling the Customer

  • Identifying and accessing decision-makers and influencers
  • Determining the decision making style of the key contacts
  • Competitor Analysis: Preventing Objections
  • Define and perform a competitive analysis
  • Reconnaissance that identifies the unique concerns and objections

Researching the Customer Needs

  • Using reconnaissance to research needs
  • Using Conversational Questions
  • Asking strategically designed questions so the customer discovers the pain
  • Using the techniques of attentive and active listening

Getting the Customer to Quantify the Value of the Clients solution

  • Using the consultative selling model and techniques

Setting Requirements/Specifications of the Solution

  • Matching the customer’s buying experience and process

Rehearsing the Customer to Sell Internally

  • Positioning your solution as a customer problem-solving solution

Closing the Sale

  • How to make closing part of the customer’s normal buying process
  • Developing twenty closing questions

Responding to Objections Not Prevented

  • Using the customer’s decision making process to your advantage


This course uses the online report, “Everything DiSC Sales Profile” to examine the behaviour characteristics of different types of buyers.

Case studies are drawn from the participant’s own selling scenarios and used to practice the selling process with other participants.

Instructor feedback provides the participants with areas to improve and practice.

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Course Code: PSR701