If you want to succeed, this intensive introduction to the art of selling is a must. Like most people, you will come to this workshop with very little knowledge of selling, except perhaps what you have experienced as a customer. After just one day of hands-on practice, you will gain skills, confidence and professionalism to sell your product or service successfully.


For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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Everybody Is in the Selling Game is a roadmap that takes you step-by-step through the entire sales process. It covers every critical phase of selling and gives you enhanced skills in listening and prospecting, which you need to succeed as a professional salesperson today.

This workshop can be customized for specific industries and participant groups.


Salespeople with one year or less of selling experience — as well as potential candidates for sales positions; those who want to refresh their sales skills; customer service representatives and technical or support staff who interact with customers


  • Assess your selling strengths and weaknesses
  • Overcome barriers to listening in a sales situation
  • Determine the best-qualified prospects and avoid time wasters
  • Understand your customer’s situation and identify selling opportunities
  • Learn how to make a dynamic and memorable sales presentation
  • Feel comfortable and confident in front of new customers
  • Handle objections smoothly and keep the sale moving forward
  • Use the latest closing techniques to gain customer commitment


Effective Listening

  • Passive vs. active listening
  • The listening process (verbal and nonverbal)

The Sales Process

  • Working with the customer’s “buying process”
  • Establishing credibility and trust


  • Knowing the value of customer interviews
  • Identifying individual customer needs — and immediate selling opportunities

Making Memorable Presentations

  • Presenting solutions vs. presenting products and services
  • Enhancing presentations with technology, visual aids and support material

Handling Objections

  • Dealing with common sales objections and responses
  • Exploring the latest methods for overcoming sales resistance

Closing Techniques

  • Gaining customer commitments
  • Knowing when to close and what to close for


Participants complete a brief pre-workshop questionnaire and come to the workshop with their own organization’s selling scenarios to use in practice exercises.

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Course Code: SNR704