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Successful cold calling including the effectiveness of methods and techniques essentially relies on your won attitude towards cold calling. Viewed positively, and creatively, cold calling is empowering and potent. Cold calling enables suppliers to:

  • supersede existing suppliers
  • pre-empt the competition
  • identify and create new business possibilities
  • become indispensable as someone who can make things happen and create new business
  • build your personal reputation beyond the job title
  • establish relationships and respect (for you) beyond normal sales responsibilities


Cold Calling Techniques

  1. Preparation – self, environment, and who you represent
  2. Introduction – key phrases explaining and positioning yourself and your purpose
  3. Questioning – help, facilitate and enable rather than assume, sell and push
  4. Objectivity – the mark of an advisor – do not sell
  5. Listen and interpret – do not sell
  6. Inform and educate – do not sell
  7. Involve and coordinate – do not sell
  8. Keep in touch – keep notes, stay involved and keep ultimate ownership


Myths about Cold Calling

  • “I’m bothering my ”
  • “They will not want to speak with ”
  • “they probably already have a ”
  • “No one wants to talk to a “Cold ”
  • I hate cold ”

Facts That Trump the Beliefs that Hold You Back

  • You need to reach out to more prospects
  • You will dial the phone
  • You will reach your prospect or you will not
  • If you reach your prospect, you will say something, and they will say something

A New Cold Calling and Sales Mindset

  • Shift your mindset towards whether the fit exists or not
  • Be a helper, not a pitcher
  • Focus on the beginning – not the end
  • Stop chasing prospects – behave with dignity
  • Connect with your prospects rather than work through a list
  • Creating trust is your primary goal – not making the sale
  • Diffuse any pressure that you sense in the sales process
  • Change your language away from sales speak to natural language that connects with people
  • Understand your prospect’s problems deeply, so they feel appreciated by you

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Obtain permission to continue
  3. Re-schedule the conversation
  4. Continue the conversation

Cold Calling Script: Make a Call That Works

  • Identify yourself immediately, or the contact will hang up
  • Demonstrate respect for the person’s time
  • Make the statement that still allows you to continue
  • Sentences that create a compelling reason to stay on the line
  • Make the statement that opens up the dialogue
  • Establish a timeline and let the prospect know you are accountable for the time
  • Get permission to continue
  • Have a conversation
  • Determine whether there is a good fit


This workshop is highly interactive with discussion and exercises. Participants will complete a Cold Calling script to use in the practice and role playing. There will also be opportunities for one-on-one feedback and reinforcement.

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Course Code: PSR710