It is customer service at its best when you can respond to a customer’s complaint with a successful outcome. Learn the skills necessary, such as how to diffuse tension, communicate clearly, and remain professional in all situations. Develop strategies to resolve complaints successfully.


For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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This workshop is designed to increase the confidence customer’s have in your staff.  The root cause of complaints will be established so they can be dealt with quickly and effectively. Participants will learn to build on their natural styles, improve their communication skills and enhance the image of your organization.


Any person who deals with the public in their day-to-day responsibilities and wishes to improve their skills


  • Understand their personal style when dealing with difficult people/situations
  • Identify and implement effective changes to their style
  • Identify the root cause of the complaint and highlight trends
  • Enhance their communication skills and the ability to diffuse tension
  • Utilize key strategies to resolve complaints successfully


Value of Complaints

  • Understand why they can help the organization
  • Determine why people don’t complain
  • Explore the impact of expectations and perceptions and the relationship to complaints
  • Understand why people see public and private sector differently

Personal Style

  • Understand their innate style when dealing with others
  • Highlight changes to initiate positive impact in their style
  • Understand the importance of customer needs and how to deliver them
  • Review personal reactions on both sides of the customer interaction
  • Explore the Johari Window to expand knowledge

Difficult Customers/Situations

  • Know how to maintain control and your professionalism
  • Learn to identify the “real” reason for the complaint
  • Understand what marks someone as a “difficult” person
  • Utilize key skills and strategies to deal with the concerns
  • Learn to anticipate reactions and be ready with a solid response
  • Be comfortable and able to say “No” when necessary


This is a highly interactive session using real time complaints and situations. The day involves case studies, small and large groups discussions, individual exercises to explore their styles, and working in pairs to resolve issues.

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Course Code: CEH702