Myers-Briggs team building


For 6 to 20 participants at your place of business

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Personality types affect the functioning of teams. A team that works well together is not a chance event. When team members understand their motivating styles and that of others, they are likely to be more open to different perspectives and methods, which leads to more effective communication and problem-solving. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator identifies valuable differences between people, differences that can be the source of much misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Becoming aware of this information enhances understanding of yourself, your motivations and natural strengths, as well as areas for potential growth. It will help teams appreciate each other’s strengths and encourage cooperation. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator has been effectively used for a wide variety of purposes such as organizational development, team building, relationship counseling, problem solving and multicultural training.


Myers-Briggs Team Building is a highly-interactive workshop designed to develop the interpersonal skills needed to interact successfully with staff, peers and senior management.

  • Determine an individual’s communication style
  • The sixteen personality styles
  • Understand the eight mental processes
  • Your personality style, your strengths, areas of growth
  • How each type manages change and conflict
  • How to communicate effectively to different styles and gain cooperation
  • The stages of team development
  • How to build effective teams
  • Effective team problem solving meetings


Teams and Personality Type

  • Understanding the concept of type development
  • Myers-Briggs personality assessment
  • Discovering your strengths, areas of growth
  • Discovering how each type handles change and conflict

Team Development

  • Stages of team development
  • Effective team development
  • Effective team behaviors
  • The Ideal team

Group Problem-Solving

  • Team problem-solving meeting
  • Using each mental process to resolve problems
  • The Problem-solving model
  • Creative thinking

Seminar Tools:

This workshop is highly interactive; participants will complete their own Myers-Briggs assessment and be engaged in some fun team exercises to demonstrate building effective teams. They will also participate in a practical problem-solving meeting dealing with real work issues.

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Course Code: TBC701