For up to 10 participants at your place of business

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Our Microsoft PowerPoint training is designed to help you create presentations and communicate your ideas with impact and clarity. Advanced features let you incorporate charts, tables, images, and video. You can even leverage existing data from other Microsoft Office applications like Excel and Word.

This hands-on course will teach you the more advanced features of this industry-standard software.

Courses offered for PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and 365.

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  • Experienced PowerPoint users seeking to become even more proficient


  • Customize slide layouts by using multiple themes and adding graphics
  • Share custom themes between presentations
  • Use copied, imported, linked, and embedded data from other presentations and programs
  • Use charts and tables to present data graphically
  • Use graphics and animation effects to enhance presentations
  • Increase the impact of text and graphics in a presentation
  • Add notes and annotations to slides
  • Use PowerPoint features to rehearse, package, and presentations


Building Presentation Themes

  • Design custom slide layouts
  • Use more than one theme in a presentation
  • Customize slide backgrounds
  • Share themes between presentations
  • Add and manage sections

Sharing Information

  • Copy/move slides and objects between presentations
  • Create presentation
  • Use imported text
  • Create hyperlinks
  • Link and embed between Microsoft programs
  • Compare and merge presentations

Enhancing Presentations With Charts and Tables

  • Create charts
  • Edit charts and chart data
  • Link to Microsoft Excel charts
  • Create organization charts
  • Insert tables

Enhancing Presentations With Graphics and Animation Effects

  • Work with graphics
  • Arrange objects
  • Use graphics effects
  • Use animation effects
  • Edit video

Producing Advanced Slide Shows

  • Creating notes and annotations
  • Using hidden slides
  • Rehearsing slide timings
  • Packaging presentations for CD

Summary and Evaluations


  • Live, instructor-led training with hands-on exercises

Participants are requested to bring their computers to the session. Laptops are also available to rent for an additional fee.